Tailored sailing adventures

Tailored sailing adventures

Tailored sailing adventures

Tailored sailing adventures is for you who don´t want to follow a fixed plan but have your own ideas. Almost anything is possible! Here are some suggestions for tailored sailing adventures:

  • A sailing holiday for the whole family.
  • Sail with old friends and tighten your friendship.
  • A trip with an overnight stay in a hostel or hotel / guest house on an island in the archipelago.
  • Combine sailing with renting houses on an island
  • A sailing from Dalarö to almost anywhere in the archipelago, from where you continue on your own.
  • A sailing with the company with one or more boats if you are a larger group
  • A Night sailing.
  • Combine a sailing course with pleasure and vacation.
  • Celebrating a birthday.
  • Sail during the day and stay in Dalarö.

Whatever you can imagine – we will try our very best to fix it. You choose the level of service. We have a lot of contacts and ideas to give back to you regarding places to stay and things to do out there.

Making tailored sailing adventures includes adopting to your needs in all ways. We can add sailing instructions to let you work the lines on your own, or we can sail the boat and you just relax. Most people find it funny to be a part of the sailing itself, and I warmly recommend that you take the advantage to sail the boat and let us show you a little about how to navigate the waters of 30 000 islands.

Booking information

Availability, prices and booking:

Send us a suggestion on what you want – the number of days, overnight or not, your desired dates, number of persons and other details. We will get back with a quote. Or, call us and we can discuss different setups! Our boats are available for booking from mid-May to late September. We do even have a boat that is in the water all year around! Individual pricing.