Private sailing course

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Do you want to learn to sail on your own, with family or with friends? Do you want to set up your own content? Then a private sailing course is for you!

You simply rent a boat with instructor and, in consultation with us, decide what you wish to learn and how. We can offer sailing courses according to the three general Swedish sailing course levels, or completely adapt the course to your needs and wishes.

Who can attend the course?

If you have no experience, we will start from the basics. And whatever skills you already might have, we can bring you to the next level. The age limit for taking part is 16 years.

Content of the course

Since all our boats are situated in the Stockholm archipelago, it’s simple and natural to practice archipelago sailing and navigation. Our boats are owned by our instructors and they are sized 35-36 feet. They are safe, well equipped and fast yachts and they are all fun and easy to sail.

If you wish to tailor your course towards any special goal, here are some examples:

  • You may be a total beginner and wish to get some guidance to be able to take your boat out of the docks for the first time, and get some advice regarding all those lines and equipment.
  • You can learn how to plan a route through the archipelago and how to find a safe natural harbor for the night according to weather forecasts and chart information.
  • Or focus on sailtrim to go safe and fast. Or to hoist and use a spinnaker. Or sailing at night, led by lighthouses and buoys… Or train safe maneuvering in a harbor. It’s your choice!

The goal of a private course is that you shall have accomplished and learned what you wished to look deeper into – and we believe that you will even learn more than you could imagine!

How long does it take to learn how to sail?

It depends on the person – we are all different learners – but generally, the first sailing course serves as an introduction to the tools and the secrets of sailing. To get a broader understanding and to be able to safely handle a boat on your own you will need more time. However, after a first course you are ready to start training on your own!

For a private regular sailing course for beginners we recommend two days, if you are two persons. If you are three or four, we recommend that you book three days. If you wish only a brief introduction to sailing, one day will do the job!

About our boats and skippers

When you take a course with Vind o Vatten you meet sailing instructors who are passionate about what they do, who instruct on their own boats and who nourish a close relationship with the Stockholm archipelago. You will be sailing a well equipped and comfortable boat sized about 35-36 feet. We provide wind- and waterproof clothing and comfortable life vests.

Our instructors are well educated and experienced – they have Ship’s Officer class VIII and have long experience from archipelago sailing, sail racing and off shore sailing. Since we sail our own boats, we know them well! 

Read more about our boats and skippers/instructors!

Accommodation and food

Our sailing courses run at daytime, which means that you don’t stay on board overnight. We can help you to find accommodation at Dalarö or in the nearby area, if you can’t stay at home during the course.

You bring your own lunch or let us provide the lunch for you at a price of 165 SEK – we collaborate with local deli for catering. Coffee/tea and snack is included.


Welcome on board!

Booking information

Welcome to contact us for advice on content and length before you book your course.

The time frame is 9:00-17:00 during one, two or three days, but if you wish to sail at other times we adapt to your requests.
Our instructors and boats are available from May to September.

7 995 SEK per day (8 hours) for 2 persons
Price per additional person: 925 SEK per day

Included in the price:

  • Loan of inflatable life jackets, wind- and waterproof clothing and sailing gloves
  • Fuel
  • Instructor/coach
  • Time to practice – at a private sailing course we accept maximum 5 participants and we make sure that you get enough time to practice on the chosen elements

Not included:

  • Lunch – you can bring your own, or add catering from our local deli for 165 SEK per person.
  • Fee for optional examination “Seglarintyg 1, 2 or 3”, 350 SEK + 65 SEK for examination book. To be paid by Swish or cash.
  • Cancellation insurance, 6 % of course fee.