Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

We offer many of the Vind o Vatten deals in the shape of gift certificates. With a gift certificate, the recipient can choose the time for the sailing event. Here are some examples:

  • Sunset tour in group, one person: 995 kr
  • Sunset tour in group, two persons: 1900 kr
  • Sunset tour, chartering the full boat incl 4 persons: 3500 kr
  • Half day charter for 3-4 persons: 5000 kr
  • Half day charter for 1-2 persons: 4000 kr
  • Extra person half day charter: 500 kr
  • Full day charter for 1-2 persons: 5995 kr
  • Full day charter for up to 4 persons: 6995 kr
  • Extra person full day charter: 650 kr
  • Tasty weekend, 2 persons 7 990 kr, 4 persons 11 100 kr
  • Or: customized as desired, or a specific amount to redeem

The gift certificate includes the picture above, information about the gift, and a personal welcome.

Booking information

Click here to book and pay your gift (In swedish)!

You can also order your gift by sending us an e-mail.

The voucher is valid for two seasons, and can be used corresponding to its value to book either that the content of the card, or any other Vind o Vatten tour.