Full Day Sailing Tour in Stockholm Archipelago

Full Day Sailing Tour in Stockholm Archipelago

Full Day Sailing Tour in Stockholm Archipelago

Full day sailing tour in the Stockholm Archipelago

You will be entering on a full day sailing tour from nine to five, under safe guidance. You will get the opportunity to experience a dream under sail! You and your family or friends book the whole boat and get it for yourself. Your skipper will guide you to the pearls of the archipelago. You will also be introduced to sailing if you are a beginner. And regardless your experience, you are welcome to take part of handling the boat under sail.

The tour will bring you from Dalarö all the way to the outer islands, if the weather permits. We anchor in a safe bay to have lunch, and you get the chance to take a swim or row a trip with the dinghy. Enjoy being out with a sailboat and experience boating, nature and wildlife at the same time, in, as far as we know, the most beautiful archipelago available. This tour is suitable if you want to catch both to learn a little about sailing and to relax.


Booking information

To make a request on chartering the boat, send us an e-mail with your details and the required date, preferably with a few options, and we will return to you asap.


From May to October


Skippered charter: One full day of sailing, including 2 adults: 6500 SEK. Each extra person pays 750 kr. Children 5 – 15 years old; 375 kr. Max 6-10 persons in a group (adults and children) depending on boat size.

We do not take children younger than 5 years on board for safety reasons.

The trip includes:

  • Skipper
  • Life wests
  • Wind- and waterproof clothing
  • Coffee/The “fika”
  • Sailing instructions

Add at your choice:

Lunch catering from one of Dalarö´s Delis: 100-250 sek per person

Welcome to make your reservation!