What comforts do you offer onboard?

Our larger boats are equipped with five to six comfortable berths, divided into three or four separate spaces/cabins. If you stay overnight you are offered a cupboard to store your things. There is bedding for all overnight guests.

In the cabin there is, on our 34-40 feet boats, a table and comfortable seating for between six and ten persons.

Navigation equipment includes plotter, wind instruments, depth sounder, log and autopilot, and there is some opportunity to recharge PC and mobile phone. But most of all, nature is in charge here…

For further details about our boats, please look closer here!

How do I get to you?

To get to Askfatshamnen, Dalarö;

By car from Stockholm:  Take Highway 73 from Stockholm (from the city via Skanstull ) towards Nynäshamn . Take exit Dalarö after about 20 km, continue Dalarövägen until the road ends in a T-junction. Turn right and then the first to the right again, to Askfatsvägen. follow the road until the end. There are carparks available during your visit. The drive from Stockholm is 40 km and takes about 40-45 minutes.

If you go by municipal sevice, take the commuter train from Stockholm to Handen station and from there bus 839 towards Dalarö / Smådalarö. Get off the bus at Dalarö Torg and walk down to the Askfatshamnen harbor, referring to maps online. Please refer to  sl.s travel planner for your itinerary time schedule! The travel time from Stockholm Central station is about one hour.

Observe that some of our tours may start from Svinninge Marina or Åva, also in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Do you have bareboats for rent?

At the moment we do not have bareboats for rent.

Can I bring children onboard?

Children older than age 5 are welcome! Children must be looked after by accompanying adults onboard, not to get injured. I have life wests for children onboard, but you need to bring rainwear.

You are not allowed to bring more children under 15 than adults, due to the security onboard.


GDPR policy

In connection with the new european GDPR Law,  we hereby describe how we use and save personal information that you provide to us.

Vind o Vatten collects information on participants in the form of e-mail address, telephone number and age of any accompanying children in connection with notifications to sailing courses and sailing charters, and in some cases – when staying overnight on the ship where the shipowner is responsible if something happens to the participants – including social security numbers and special food requirements / allergies. If you are about to attend a sailing course, we ask for information about your previous sailing experience to ensure that you register for the right course. All personal data are kept password protected at Vind o Vatten and are never shared with any third party without expressed permission from the person concerned.

We save data from previous participants in our accounting program, as many of our customers are frequent. We also send out newsletters a few times a year to those who has shown interest in Vind o Vatten and to inform about upcoming events. The newsletters can easily be canceled if you no longer wish to receive information from us.

We have frequent contacts with customers via mail and / or sms in connection with reservation. These conversations are saved to be able to easily reconnect to previous customers. If you want to delete all previous history of your contact with us, tell us and we will of cause do so.

Do I need previous experience?

Not at all! You are welcome regardless of previous experience. If you wish, we will teach you the basics. Feel free to try out different tasks on board, as to be at the helm, handling the sheets and navigate. That’s what makes the experience much more meaningful. We have been teaching beginners to sail since 1987!


For how long have you been in business?

Birgitta, the owner of Vind o Vatten, cruised the Archipelago of Stockholm since she was a child. With her own boats, she has worked as a professional sail instructor since 1987, starting after a long sailing voyage to the Caribbean. In 2006 she started her own business Vind o Vatten, focusing on sailing tours and private sailing courses for families and groups. Read more about her and our other skippers here. The story behind Vind o Vatten is here.


Booking and payment

How do I book and pay?

You make your booking and payment in our booking system, which you find on every page of the website where the different courses/tours are described. You also find the availability in the system´s booking calender. If you need help making the booking, please take contact with us and we will help you! Payment is done by credit card or Swish.

How do I use my gift card?

Your gift card will have a reference number. Refer to this number when you book your sailing tour.

Do I pay a booking fee?

You always pay the whole tour at once when booking, of which SEK 1000 is a booking fee which VoV will keep if you cancel your booking (possible up to 30 days before the event).


Can I change a booking that is already made?

Yes, you may rebook your tour or course up to 14 days before the tour takes place, if you add the rebooking guarantee when you make your reservation.



What to think about when I stay overnight onboard?

At the moment we do not book any overnight tours, due to Covid-19. The following information appears if and when the situation has changed to make it possible to stay overnight on board the boats – which we, in that case, will open for families and closed groups.

There are pillows, comforters and mattress pads on board, and you bring your own sheets and pillow cases, unless otherwise indicated. If you bring your sleeping bag, you should also bring a bed sheet. All berths have full length (2m).

How to dress and what equipment is needed?

Bring clothes according to the weather and a little more if it’s chilly. It is a good idea to bring hat and gloves in spring and autumn. Bring comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes that do not rub off. During wet weather or high winds, it can be useful to have boots or waterproof shoes. Life jackets, sailing gloves and full rain gear are avilable on board in all adult sizes. Even kids life jackets are provided, but please state your child’s weight. Waterproof clothing for children shorter than 155 cl you should bring. Remember to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen, and a camera is of course enjoyable to bring!

You will get a booking confirmation including what to bring and think about, in connection with booking.


Insurance and Cancellation

Do I need an insurance?

Every skipper has a charter insurance covering severe accidents and fatalities, and if you lose expensive equipment. We recommend that you have a valid accident insurance.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before the tours/course/coaching takes place and get your money back except the booking fee of SEK 1000.

You may also, by yourself, book a special cancellation insurance at a cost of 6% of the event price that enables you to cancel up to the event date. The cancellation insurance  applies if you get sick or have another serious impediment with short notice. Without cancellation insurance the paid-in contribution is not refunded. If you wish to book this insurance, which is provided by ERV insurances, use the link provided in the booking confirmation. This insurance is available only if you live in the nordic countries. If you travel from further away, it is better to use local cancellation insurances.

You also have the option of booking a special cancellation insurance through us, which applies if you get sick or have another serious impediment with short notice.

What if I get sick and suspect it might be Covid_19?

As we all must be very careful not transmitting the virus, you are obliged to cancel the tour in case you are not feeling well and have symptoms of Covid-19. Please book the cancellation insurance if you want to get money back in case of illness. Be sure to read their conditions before booking, which may change over time.


Do you cancel sailing in case of rain?

No. But I do have very good rain gear for everyone so your experience will be something special even if it is raining.

Do you cancel the sailing in case of heavy weather?

Sailing is an activity that is obviously affected by the weather, that’s the main idea. For the most part, the skipper can adjust the route and the sail area to the strength of the wind. But, of course if, on arrival, the wind is blowing so hard that the weather makes it impossible to start, you are offered to reschedule the tour to another date. Decition to reschedule is always made close to the tour as weather reports can change with short notice.