Tailored sailing adventures

Tailored sailing adventures

Tailored sailing adventures is for you who don´t want to follow a fixed plan but have your own ideas. Almost anything is possible! Here are some suggestions for tailored sailing adventures:

  • A sailing holiday for the whole family.
  • Sail with old friends and tighten your friendship.
  • A trip with an overnight stay in a hostel or hotel / guest house on an island in the archipelago.
  • Combine sailing with renting houses on an island
  • A sailing from Dalarö to almost anywhere in the archipelago, from where you continue on your own.
  • A sailing with the company with one or more boats if you are a larger group
  • A Night sailing.
  • Combine a sailing course with pleasure and vacation.
  • Celebrating a birthday.
  • Sail during the day and stay in Dalarö.

Whatever you can imagine – we will try our very best to fix it. You choose the level of service. We have a lot of contacts and ideas to give back to you regarding places to stay and things to do out there.

Making tailored sailing adventures includes adopting to your needs in all ways. We can add sailing instructions to let you work the lines on your own, or we can sail the boat and you just relax. Most people find it funny to be a part of the sailing itself, and I warmly recommend that you take the advantage to sail the boat and let us show you a little about how to navigate the waters of 30 000 islands.

Booking information

Availability, prices and booking:

Send us a suggestion on what you want – the number of days, overnight or not, your desired dates, number of persons and other details. We will get back with a quote. Or, call us and we can discuss different setups! Our boats are available for booking from mid-May to late September. We do even have a boat that is in the water all year around! Individual pricing.

Motorboat course

Motorboat course

Motorbåtskurs genomförs på din egen båt. Vår coach Eva Söderstedt finns i Stockholm/Dalarö och kan ta sig till dig om du och din båt finns i närområdet. Kursen läggs upp efter dina/era behov och är ni två eller flera så ser vi till att alla får lära sig alla moment – en självklarhet för säkerheten ombord. Lär dig att köra säkert och ekonomiskt, och få värdefulla tips om navigation, säkerhet, gott sjömanskap och manövrering.


Vid denna typ av kurs kommer vår coach/instruktör till dig och vi genomför kursen på din egen båt.

850 kr/tim inkl två personer
Tillkommande deltagare utöver två: 120 kr/tim

Minimidebitering 4 tim om båten ligger inom 10 mils radie, annars minimidebitering 8 tim.

Resekostnad för coachen/instruktören med 65 kr/mil

Bokningsavgift 1000 kr betalas i samband med bokning, resterande belopp betalas senast 30 dagar innan kursstart.




Private sailing course

Private sailing course

private sailing course

Private sailing course

The idea about private sailing course is simply that you rent boat and instructor from us together with your friends, partner or family. You decide what you wish to learn and in what way, in consultation with us. We can offer sailing courses according to the three general sailing course levels, or make the course suited totally for your needs and wishes.

Who can attend the course?

If you are totally without experience, we will start from the basics. And whatever skills you already might have, we can bring you to the next level.

Content of the course

All of our boats are situated in the archipelago, which makes it simple and natural to train archipelago sailing and navigation. As our boats differ from each other, it can be a good idea to consider what suits your needs best; a boat for steady cruising and few surprises, a boat with lots of trim possibilities and a skipper who can take you anywhere, or maybe a minimalistic experience in our smallest boat that does not have a single instrument, just feeling. Most of our boats, anyway, are quick and safe modern yachts with quite a bit of equipment, fast and funny and easy to sail.

If you wish to tailor your course towards any special goal, here are some examples;

You can learn how to plan a route through the archipelago and how to find a safe natural harbor for the night according to weather prognoses and chart information.

Or focus on sailtrim to go safe and fast. Or to hoist and use a spinnaker. Or sailing at night, led by lighthouses and buoys… Or train safe maneuvering in a harbor. It´s your choice!


The goal of the course is that you shall have accomplished and and learned exactly what you wished to look deeper into – and we believe that you will even learn more than you could ever imagine!

About our boats and skippers

Read more about our boats and skippers/coaches!

Booking information

The course is designed after your wishes. Minimum one full day.

Basic price for boat and instructor is SEK 6500 kr/day (8 hrs) inkl 2 persons. Price can vary depending on boat type and course content. Ask for a quote!

Extra person in addition: SEK 750 kr per day


At the moment we book only daytime sailing tours, due to Covid-19.

Help to find room for staying overnight at Dalarö can be found here!

Booking fee is paid in connection with booking, the remaining amount is paid 30 days before the course starts.

Included in the price:

  • Loan of inflatable lifewests and wind/waterproof clothing and sailing gloves
  • Fuel
  • Instructor/coach

Not included:

  • Food expances – you may bring your own lunch, or we order catering from nearby deli, SEK 160 kr per person, to be paid on site.
  • Fee for voluntary examination “Seglarintyg 1, 2, 3”, SEK 350 kr +65 kr for examination book
  • Cancellation insurance, 6 % of course fee.

Send us an e-mail to make your request!

Private sailing course

Private instructor on your own boat

seglingskurs egen bat

Private instructor on your own boat – sailing boat or motorboat

Try our our most popular course at the moment!!

To bring a private instructor/coach on board your own boat is a supersmart way for you and your family or friends to learn all you need to safely take your boat out on the waters.

A sail instructor or motorboat coach can also be used to rise your experience to the next level. A course focusing on your spinnaker equipment? A rewiew of the boat prior to your first race, or have our supertrimmer on board to help you maximize speed and trim? Do you need help maneuvering and safely drive your motorboat? A special treat in navigate the archipelago?  Or is this your very first boat and you wish to go through the very basics?

We love coaching in a personal way and we have loads of competence in the team!

Our instructors/coaches and their competence

Eva Söderstedt; all practical issues on board, sailing- and motorboatcoach, cruising, navigation

Birgitta Silfverhielm; all practical issues on board, sailingcoach,  spinnaker and code-sails, long distance sailing

Anna Drougge; sailing in all shapes – from beginners to professional racetraining, modern sails, spinnaker, advanced sail- and riggtrim

Per Karlsén; specialist in practical solutions preparing for long distance sailing, and coaching in all kind of sailing and matters. Per loves small boats and minimalistic sailing!

Thomas Bindzau; all kind of sailing – cruising, racing, spinnaker training

Please contact us with details about your boat and your expectations and needs. 

Booking information

Available from April to October.


Sailboat coaching: from SEK750 kr/h including 2 participants.

Additional participant:  SEK100 kr/pp

Motorboat coaching: SEK850 kr/h including 2 participants.

Additional participant:  SEK120 kr/pp


Minimum booking is 4 hours. If your boat is further away then 100 km from where our coach starts we want you to book a full day/8 hours.

Travel cost for the instructor adds to the course fee with SEK 6.50/km

Please send us an e-mail request and we will get back to you asap.

Full Day Sailing Tour in Stockholm Archipelago

Full Day Sailing Tour in Stockholm Archipelago

Full day sailing tour in the Stockholm Archipelago

You will be entering on a full day sailing tour from nine to five, under safe guidance. You will get the opportunity to experience a dream under sail! You and your family or friends book the whole boat and get it for yourself. Your skipper will guide you to the pearls of the archipelago. You will also be introduced to sailing if you are a beginner. And regardless your experience, you are welcome to take part of handling the boat under sail.

The tour will bring you from Dalarö all the way to the outer islands, if the weather permits. We anchor in a safe bay to have lunch, and you get the chance to take a swim or row a trip with the dinghy. Enjoy being out with a sailboat and experience boating, nature and wildlife at the same time, in, as far as we know, the most beautiful archipelago available. This tour is suitable if you want to catch both to learn a little about sailing and to relax.


Booking information

To make a request on chartering the boat, send us an e-mail with your details and the required date, preferably with a few options, and we will return to you asap.


From May to October


Skippered charter: One full day of sailing, including 2 adults: 6500 SEK. Each extra person pays 750 kr. Children 5 – 15 years old; 375 kr. Max 6-10 persons in a group (adults and children) depending on boat size.

We do not take children younger than 5 years on board for safety reasons.

The trip includes:

  • Skipper
  • Life wests
  • Wind- and waterproof clothing
  • Coffee/The “fika”
  • Sailing instructions

Add at your choice:

Lunch catering from one of Dalarö´s Delis: 100-250 sek per person

Welcome to make your reservation!