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Birgitta Silfverhielm

Founder and owner of Vind o Vatten

Skipper of Esmeralda II and sailing coach on other boats

“My name is Birgitta Silfverhielm. I am the owner of Vind o Vatten and the skipper of Esmeralda II. This is my history in brief: 

I grew up with sailing. Since the early 60’s, I have had the east coast archipelago as my playground during the summer. When I left home at 18, I immediately bought myself a boat, and began to dream about sailing beyond the horizon. At 25, I sailed from Stockholm as crew on a sailboat bound for the Caribbean. After eight months, I was home again, and just wanted to continue sailing… I got a job as a sailing instructor, and for many years I taught adults to sail. After 18 seasons and four boats, it was time for me to start up something new. Thoughts of developing sailing activities based on my own experience took shape, and I started to run private sailing courses, skippered charter, single and multi- day tours, and holiday adventures for families and groups. I developed a personal approach, with respect to the customer’s individual needs.

In 2008, I bought the Linjett 35. This is a real quality boat that meets the highest standards of comforts and sailing performance.”

Birgitta’s education and experience in brief:

  • Navigation certificate and Ship’s Officer class VIII
  • STCW 95 Basic Safety
  • Long distance skipper’s degree
  • Ocean Skipper’s degree
  • Machine Officer class VIII

Birgitta brings solid experience cruising in the Swedish Archipelago, as well as racing and ocean sailing. Her motivation to keep on with sailing is life-long. She has already sailed in most kind of waters and circumstances, from dinghies to big ships and from competing on racecourses to crossing oceans. She has been a part of the Search and Rescue crew on Dalarö, where she acted as a navigator and deck crew.


Ulrika Lewander

Skipper of Terezza and sailing coach on other boats

Ulrika Lewander is the skipper of Terezza. She teaches sailing in an easy and reassuring way according to the methods of Vind o Vatten.

Ulrika’s education and experience in brief:

  • Navigation certificate and VHF certificate
  • 20 years of sailing experience
  • Background as sea scout leader, as well as long professional experience as leader and coach 


ulrika skepparbild
Karin Modigh

Karin Modigh

Skipper of Isola

Karin Modigh is the skipper of Isola. She is a windsurfer, a tall ship sailor and almost anything in between. She has crossed the Mediterranean and the South China Sea, but her favourite waters remain the Stockholm archipelago.

Karin is calm, driven by curiosity and has practiced leadership in many different contexts. As a skipper on her own Beason 36 Isola, Karin teaches sailing and brings guests to discover the Stockholm archipelago. She is also our French-speaking skipper! 

“I’m passionate about sailing, the archipelago, nature and adventure, and I love to share that passion with other people. Sailing has brought me self-confidence, humility, and a meditative calm, while giving space for my curiosity and zest for adventure. I want to open that door to other people and, while adapting to individual needs and expectations, make them grow and discover themselves in relation to sailing, to handling a boat and to connecting with nature.”

Karin’s education and experience in brief:

  • Navigation certificate and Ship’s Officer class VIII
  • Machine Officer class VIII
  • VHF radio certificate
  • Professional experience as leader and coach from the performing arts
  • French-speaking skipper

    Thomas Bindzau

    Skipper of Shere Khan and sailing coach on other boats

    Thomas Bindzau is just like Birgitta sailing a Linjett 35, Shere Khan. He is an adventurer, a sea-scout leader and a great coach. He loves to take his guests to places, both physically and mentally when it comes to learning to sail and experiencing the archipelago. 

    Also, Thomas loves sailracing. Recently, he has started racing shorthanded – meaning that you are just one or two persons on the boat. Cool, if you ask me!

    As a sailcoach and skipper he is very calm and curious about what the participants wish to learn and accomplish. He is in fact very interested in coaching, in seeing people grow and find out about the mystery of sailing.

    Sailing with charterguests he is a wonderful guide to the archipelago and to sailing.

    Thomas’ education and experience in brief:

    • Navigation certificate and Ship class VIII
    • Life-long sailing experience
    • Sailracing experience


    Eva Söderstedt

    Sailing coach on other boats, motorboat coach

    Eva Söderstedt loves to teach sailing to beginners and to make people feel safe at sea. She has a long and solid experience from sailing her 40-footer on her own, which she does as soon as she gets the chance.

    But Eva has other qualifications as well – she is our motorboat coach, and we are proud to be able to offer a female coach for motorboat maneuvering. She has experience with many types of motorboats and loves to coach people. She is also an expert in archipelago navigation and in all practical matters regarding boating. A walking and sailing knowledge base for true archipelago cruising!

    Eva’s education and experience in brief:

    • Navigation certificate and Ship class VIII
    • Long experience in motorboats and cruising sailing boats
    • Holds courses in practical navigation


    Anna Drougge

    Sailing coach on other boats

    Anna Drougge is our most passionate regatta sailor. She spends most of her time off duty on sail racing, and she is a highly appreciated coach when it comes to sailtrim.

    Anna has participated twice in the Volvo Ocean Race as trimmer, sailmaker and watch leader. Nowadays she concentrates on shorthanded sailing, i.e. smaller boats handled by two persons.

    Anna loves sharing her knowledge about sailtrim and efficient sailing. Time permitting, she happily takes on coaching sailors who want to learn more about advanced sailtrim, as well as how to maximize the speed of their boat. The coaching takes place on your own sailboat.

    Anna’s education and experience in brief:

    • Two times participant in the Volvo Ocean Race, on board EF Education 1997-98 and Amer sports Too 2001-02
    • Several first places in the Gotland Runt regatta, of which two in the Double handed class
    • Former sailmaker at North Sails


      Anna Drougge
      Kim Silfving sailing coach

      Kim Silfving

      Sailing coach on other boats

      Kim Silfving has been sailing for as long as he can remember. He is a highly experienced coach and skipper in all sorts of sailing, mainly sail racing, and he loves to share his knowledge with other sailors.

      “I grew up sailing on a wooden sailboat in the archipelago of Stockholm. My father took me in as crew member at races from early on and when I was 9 I continued on to other teams. 

      My first own boat was a J/80 which I bought together with my best friends when we were about 20 years old. We raced her very frequently for 5 years on different regattas and a few offshore races. We developed, laughed and learned a lot during those years.

      After that I kept on racing in different teams on a range of different boat types. I have been racing in fleet, offshore and matchracing. 

      Since the kids arrived I have mainly focused on cruising and family sailing. During the last 5 years my wife and I have owned a Cayenne 42, then a Beneteau first 40.7, and currently a Baltic 51 – a 20ton beauty. Last summer we sailed her from the south of Portugal all the way up to Stockholm. Now the plan is to take her for a circum navigation.

      Parallell with my profession as a director of photography in film and television I have been working as a skipper in the Mediterranian. I have also coached event sailing and held courses for both beginners and more advanced clients with focus on trimming and spinnaker sailing.”

      Kim’s education and experience in brief:

      • Navigation certificate and Ship’s Officer class VIII
      • VHF radio certificate and AIS certificate
      • Trained in basic safety