About Dalarö

Dalarö is an old village reachable by car or bus and commuter train from the Stockholm city centre in 40-70 minutes. It is situated on the edge of land, in the middle of the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. The place is famous for its beautiful old villas, for its naval an maritime history, and for its many shipwrecks. Today Dalarö is the port of the archipelago with ferrys to the islands and many things to do, especially on water.

Dalarö village is situatied on a headland pointing towards southwest, and the harbour is well sheltered. The waters around Dalarö is, and has always been, the natural way to approach Stockholm from the south if you come by boat. Dalarö is surrounded by fjords and thousands of islands in all directions, and it is almost always possible to find sheltered waters.

You find Vind o Vatten at Smådalarövägen 1 in Vadviken harbour

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Staying at Dalarö:

  • Smådalarö gård – a beautiful archipelago hotel – about 5 km from Dalarö village and the harbour. A good kitchen, bar, golf and conference center. Bus to Dalarö.
  • Gålö Havsbad – Gålö is situated about 10 km from Dalarö. You can rent a cottage, stay in the hostel or camp at the camping site. You need a car to get to Dalarö, it being a 15 minutes drive.
  • Dalarö hostel Lotsen – This is the smallest hostel in the country, situated in the fishing harbour in Dalarö. Booking can be made here. Be sure to book well in advance!! It is walking distance to Askfatshamnen.
  • Cottages in Dalarö can be rented from the Tourist office.
  • Air bnb is available at Dalarö – often as small cottages you can rent for 1-4 persons.
  • Birgitta, owner of Vind o Vatten, has a mini house to rent out for 1-2 persons. Walking distance to the harbour. Contact Vind o Vatten for more information!
  • Anna Drougge, one of the coaches of Vind o Vatten, has a mini house for rent, for 1-2 persons, next to Askfatshamnen harbour. Send an e-mail to anna.drougge[at]gmail.com for booking and more information!

Activities at Dalarö:

Restaurants at Dalarö: